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10 Tips for Airline Tickets at a Discounted Price

What if I told you that you could get cheaper airfare now than you would if you followed some simple steps in booking and searching? Here are 10 proven tips that will help you reduce the cost of your next trip! ...

1. Be flexible on travel dates

Flexibility is the most effective way to get a cheap ticket. The more flexible you are, the better your chance. Book Tuesdays and Wednesdays and avoid holidays, during which the price of tickets may double. If you can travel in the early morning or late at night, you will get a cheaper ticket.

2 - Be flexible in your destination

Be open to exploring a new destination, try using the Explore option 
in the famous Google flights engine, or try to put your city as the departure 
destination of Skyscanner and leave the destination blank. The site shows 
you all potential destinations arranged according to the ticket price and you 
can choose the destination that best suits your travel budget.
 3. Travel to a sub-airport on low-cost flights

Most of the famous destinations have a sub-airport other than the main
international airport, 
and most low-cost airlines use these airports because the 
cost of landing is lower than the big airports. If you are ready to land at one 
of these airports you can save a lot of money.
 4. Check different locations

There are many famous sites to look for airline tickets, do not stick 
to just one search, not just skyscanner, but try searching on expedia, 
kayak and other famous sites to ensure you get the best price. 
But I would recommend you more to niche sites like

5. Book directly from the airline

Sometimes booking directly from the airline is cheaper, especially low-cost airlines that keep tickets not posted on search sites. Another direct booking feature is that it enables you to see all the extra costs and taxes, plus the cost of taking the bags more transparently than the search sites.

6. Book early, but not too early

You hear this advice all the time: "Book early", but no one tells you exactly when? In a study conducted by the famous airfarewatchdog website, available information tells us that the best time to book an international airlineticket is 6-8 weeks before departure.

7. Book at the last minute

Some airlines cut their prices heavily on the last night of travel if there are some seats that have not yet been filled. Continue to and you'll probably get a great deal to travel the next day.

8. Look for your ticket in disguise

Ticket search sites show you a slightly higher price than usual if you are looking for the same flight more than once. To avoid this unwanted increase, use your browser in stealth mode. If you are using Google Chrome, press ctrl + shift + n to open the browser in incognito mode, and if you are using Firefox press ctrl + shift + P to get the same result.

9. Consider booking separate flights instead of "go-and-go"

Choosing a return ticket is what we often do when booking a flight. But this choice is not always the best. Try to look for my trip back and forth separately, sometimes you can get cheaper tickets this way.

10. Follow Twitter!

Follow your favorite airline accounts on Twitter! These companies usually publish their own offers via their Twitter account first. Good follow-up will enable you to get great deals before everyone else.

Do not wait too long and book your next trip now! Do you have other secrets to get a cheap ticket? Share it with as.